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UAS Consulting


Rapid Imaging's team of qualified UAS Experts combines decades of aviation experience across both Military and Commercial applications. Our experience is what sets us apart. Our consultants have been instrumental in the development of UAS Programs locally and abroad and have assisted hundreds of individuals, organizations, educational institutions and businesses navigate the complexities of the industry.


Rapid Imaging's core competencies include: Introduction to Unmanned Systems, History, and Regulatory Precedent, Part 107 Training, Regulatory Compliance, Technical Guidance, Industry and Governmental Applications, and Comprehensive Program Development.


David is a Marine veteran with two decades of experience in the unmanned aerial system (UAS) industry. As a Marine, David assisted in the creation of the United States Marine Corps first unmanned aviation squadron VMU-2 located at MCAS Cherry Point, NC. where he flew the RQ2A Pioneer UAS in support of operations around the world. Mr. Geisler has supported several UAS platforms as a Flight Test Pilot and Combat Flight Instructor including the General Atomics Gnat-750, I-Gnat, STEC Sentry and Sentry HP, and US Army AAI Shadow RQ7B. Mr. Geisler served in Operation Iraqi Freedom from 2003-2004 as an embedded contractor conducting one of the US Army’s earliest Combat Operations with the Shadow RQ7A. David was the test pilot for Rapid Imaging’s first demonstration of SmartCam3D® to the Department of Defense as well as the first field tester when he took the technology to Iraq in 2003. After coming back from Iraq in 2004, David joined Rapid Imaging and is now the CEO of Rapid Imaging Technologies.

David Geisler

Zach is a Co-Founder of a commercial UAS Technology Company. Since 2012, he has consulted hundreds of individuals, organizations, educational institutions, and businesses on UAS purchasing decisions, technology integration, and commercial compliance. In 2015, Zach crafted a Section 333 Exemption Request and was granted exemption for several applications utilizing UAS, including Aerial Agronomic Data Collection. He’d later go on to write Exemption Paperwork for numerous businesses across the United States. After the release of Part 107 in August 2016, Zach created a comprehensive training curriculum for prospective Part 107 Pilots. To date, this training curriculum has helped over 50 individuals and businesses from the across the country navigate the Part 107 Testing and Registration Processes, Pass the Part 107 UAG Test, and gain commercial compliance through the obtainment of a Remote Pilot Certificate.

Zach Fiene

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