Smarter Cameras

RespondAR makes your UAV Camera smarter by blending GIS data from your aircraft with live video frames to produce MISB 0601 STD -georeferenced video.

Leveraged Assets

RespondAR allows First Responders to leverage their team by providing geographic context to live video and visual overlays that enhance situational awareness.

Situational Awareness

RespondAR provides enhanced situational awareness to Pilots in Command, Sensor Operators, Incident Commanders and Remote Video Observers.

Mission Assured

RespondAR is powered by proven technology, SmartCam3D®, an augmented reality software that is used by the US Army's UAS Program.

Situational Awareness for First Responders

RespondAR is a UAV Application designed to provide geographic augmented reality overlays on live video.  This provides enhanced situational awareness to Pilots In Command, Visual Observers, Sensor Operators, Incident Commanders and other remote video observers.  RespondAR can be used by a variety of Emergency Response personnel, including: Fire Departments, Police Departments, State National Guard, Emergency Response Teams, State Emergency Management Offices, Federal Emergency Management Offices and the like.  Geographic overlays include Points of Interest from a global GIS database, including: Road and Street Names, Historical Markers and other points of interest, as well as imported points of interest provided by the user within the application or through imported KML Files.  

Same Functionalities as DJI Go App

RespondAR utilizes the same user interface as the traditional DJI Go App.  This provides the same functionalities pilots are used to, including: Auto Take-Off and Auto-Land, multiple FPV modes, full camera control and Return to Home, making flying easy and simple.

Real-Time AR Overlays

RespondAR provides real-time augmented reality overlays of geographic information from a global GIS database.  These overlays are superimposed on the live video stream providing operators with enhanced situational awareness.  Baseline GIS overlays include road and street names and traditional Points of Interest provided within tools like Google Maps.  RespondAR also provides enhanced levels of detail, allowing users to upload their own custom KML files.    

Baseline GIS AR Overlays are served from a global GIS database.

KML Point of Interest support allows users to load their own Points of Interest into a KML File and subsequently display their custom POIs over the live video feed.  

Frequently asked questions

RespondAR is a mobile application designed for use with small Unmanned Aircraft Systems.  The app blends aircraft telemetry data with live video frames to produce an augmented reality (“AR”) scene in which AR overlays are displayed on the live video feed.  These overlays represent various positional data-points including Road/Street Names, Points of Interest, Landmarks and the like.  

RespondAR is currently compatible with all modern DJI platforms including the Inspire lineup, Phantom lineup (Phantom 3 and Newer), Mavic lineup, Spark and Matrice Series.    

RespondAR is currently supported on iOS and will soon be supported on Android.  

RespondAR uses industry leading Augmented Reality (“AR”) software and is powered by Rapid Imaging’s proprietary SmartCam3D® product.  SmartCam3D® provides situational awareness to soldiers and is currently deployed in all US Army tactical unmanned systems, embedded within the Universal Ground Control Stations used to fly the Shadow and Gray Eagle platforms.    

RespondAR is currently available on the App Store.  

Geographic Information System Augmented Reality Overlays or GIS AR Overlays are map icons and linework that are superimposed on a live video feed.  Unlike traditional augmented reality that you’d see in most AR apps on the App Store or Playstore, Rapid Imaging’s AR Overlays have a geographic context and can be associated with latitudinal and longitudinal geocoordinates in the real-world.  

KML POI support allows users to upload their own KML files with designated Points of Interest.  This is useful to users who would like to display custom GIS points, vectors or polygons.