Rapid Imaging Moving to Wisconsin

Leading New Mexico Technology Company Setting Up Shop in Mount Horeb

[Mount Horeb, Wis.] – Rapid Imaging Software, a leading technology provider to the US Military, is moving to Wisconsin after being acquired by long-time Vice President of Operations, David Geisler, a Wisconsin native and former Marine who joined Rapid Imaging more than 15 years ago.

Rapid Imaging provides Augmented Reality (AR) software utilized on all US Army and Marine Tactical Unmanned Arial Vehicle (UAV) Systems.

Augmented Reality pioneer Mike Abernathy founded the company in 1995. Mr. Abernathy has a storied career in aviation software. He demonstrated one of the first successful AR applications, for space debris, in 1993. He created Landform, synthetic vision software utilized on manned and unmanned aircraft in 1995.

He later introduced SmartCam3D, which was used as the primary flight display for NASA’s X-38 Crew Return Vehicle and serves as the primary product of Rapid Imaging to this day.

Mr. Abernathy and Mr. Geisler first partnered in 2003 when the Pentagon requested a demonstration of SmartCam3D for use on unmanned systems. Mr. Geisler had assisted in the creation of the United States Marine Corps first unmanned aviation squadron VMU-2, and served as the Chief Test Pilot for the demonstration. Mr. Geisler would later field test the software while serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom as an embedded contractor conducting one of the US Army’s earliest combat operations with the Shadow RQ7A Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS). Today, all US Army Shadow and Grey Eagle Systems utilize SmartCam3D Software.

“I am really happy to be bringing this technology home to Wisconsin, this is the perfect place to set up shop. The business climate is favorable, there is no shortage of talent, and there are some really innovative people in this area that we hope to work with,” said David Geisler, who will serve as CEO of Rapid Imaging moving forward. “I’m looking forward to leveraging the talent, work-ethic, and values of the people of the Badger State to continue the culture of innovation displayed by Mike Abernathy and Rapid Imaging over the past two decades.”

Rapid Imaging Technologies will be headquartered in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin and focus on various commercial and Department of Defense projects. The company is in the process of debuting several commercial applications of its software for use on small UAS. This includes with emergency management uses, where the software has recently been fielded in support of Wisconsin flooding, as well as Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.